Deco-Flash is Transforming the Window and Door Industry!

Discover the Advantage of Using Deco-Flash

  • Save Time & Materials

    Trim, Flash and Waterproof your window and door openings with one self-contained unit.

  • Perfect Rough Opening

    Provide perfectly square openings every time with tight tolerances that guarantee proper installation and sealing.

  • Easy Installation

    Windows can be installed from the interior of the building eliminating the need for expensive lifts

  • Quality Material

    Deco-Flash is made of vinyl, so is naturally pre-finished.

  • Mistake-free

    All four trim pieces are incorporated into the unit, eliminating cutting mistakes and blemishes.

  • Long Lasting

    All painting, finish caulking and exterior or jamb extensions are factory finished. Fading of paint and deterioration of crucial sealants are no longer an issue.

  • High Value

    Deco-Flash Incorporates the head flashing and a 360-degree sill pan at no additional cost

  • Efficiency

    Once Deco-Flash is installed, all other exterior trades can continue even if the windows are not on site (as long as the inspector permits).